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Aspen Premium Format™ Figure by Sideshow Collectibles

Once a year, on a family-owned farm up in remote Zellwood, Florida, a magical merging occurs. Chefs from Disney World's very top restaurants personally prepare and serve spectacular foods to a group of no more than 200 adults. Participants duck out for farm tours, then re...


Naturally vegan, gluten free and paleo, this Lebanese Garlic Sauce is light, fluffy and packed with flavor. Serve with grilled meat, shish kebobs or warm pita.

1 cup garlic cloves peeled (roughly 3 heads of garlic)
1 teaspoon salt
4 cups canola oil


1 can chickpeas
1 cup sunflower seed (roasted unsalted) or 1/2 cup sunflower and 1/2 cup pumpkins (roasted unsalted)
green part of 3 green onions
1 celery branch (cut finely)
1 tbsp lemon juice
1 large tbsp + relish
2 oversized large tbsp vegan mayo (Hellmann's mayo...


One block of firm tofu (La Soyerie works well)
Yellow prepared mustard - start with 1 tbsp and adjust to taste
1 tbsp of olive oil​ or more to taste​
Water - start with a couple tbsp​ - adjust to desired consistency​
Herbes salées du Bas-du-Fleuve (pictured) - start w...


Call me nosy, or, more politely just curious: I love memoirs. Here are 10 excellent memoirs that make great gifts. Each is absorbing and easy to read. Most were also fascinating.

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