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Trunk Show set for right outside of FiberArts Cafe has a date change!

Chemical hair dyes are not only terrible for your body, they’re pretty rough on your hair, too. Far from adding to luster, strength, and shine, they leave hair drier, duller, and more prone to damage...https://www.projectwellness...

AmericanaFest 2017, Future of Immersive Leisure, InFocus: Latino and Hispanic Cinema, IFP Week, are calendar highlights in September's media and showbiz industry events

Plus plenty of other fun stuff

Shown: Mad Bride Vac-tastic Plastic Mask

501 N High St, Suite L

Saturday, September 9th—1 pm Fee: $10 plus cost of materials
I want to introduce Paula Reuben who will be teaching knitting classes at FiberArts Café. Paula is a certified knitting teacher/instructor trained at the Craft Yarn Council. Lots of different projects are pla...


Whether it’s saluting the sun first thing in the morning or unwinding after work with a bit of Downward Dog, Americans do love their yoga. Even on vacation, Americans are all about their Chaturangas: yoga is reportedly the third-most popular vacation activity, topped only...


FAC is having a Trunk Show
Saturday, September 16th 11:00 - 6:00 pm right outside in front of the shop.
Toad Hollow Sisters Helen & Mary Beth, local yarn dyers, seamstress, knitters, crocheters. Come meet them at their Trunk Show!

It’s vexing when you can’t find your keys amidst all the unopened mail on your dining room table. And losing your glasses in the abyss of knick-knacks in your living room can totally dampen your day. But clutter actually does more to impact your life than cause you to los...


As beginning meditators, we learn to observe and interpret the colors, symbols and images swirling about in our heads. The real power of meditation is the ability to take control and make sense of our meditation experience and put it to work for us. https://www.projectwel...


lisaanderlander's photo
Thanks for sharing.

Try the DoveCote Magical Dining Menu 2017 for $35. What a value!

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