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How Corkboard Works

What can I post?
Post locations, notes and websites.
How do I post?
Online, via SMS, email or iPhone App.
Why should I post?
To collaborate, share and discover.
How do people use Corkboard?
Share renovation ideas
Paul and Sylvia are planning to redo that "unique" pink bathroom. They create a Corkboard and collect photos of tiles, accents, lighting fixtures and color swatches. They comment on each other's postings and choose their favorite findings.
Organize a classroom book club
Ms Crosby creates a Book Club Corkboard for her English class. She posts books for her students to read. Once students read a book, they start a discussion about it right on the Corkboard.
Plan a trip with Map it Out!
Jen and Steve create a Corkboard so they can plan where they want to go and what they want to do. Later, all their ideas are available in their Corkboard on their iPhone. Check out Map it Out! – Corkboard's trip planner feature.
Things you can do...
  • Collaborate with others on a single Corkboard
  • Post and access on your computer or on-the-go
  • Organize your postings into Corkboards
  • Share what you post on your Facebook wall
  • Get notified of new comments on your postings
  • Subscribe to Corkboards that interest you
  • See postings and other users around you
  • Meet people based on common interests
  • Share websites

Frequently Asked Questions

Can more than one person share and post to a single Corkboard?
Yes. In addition to having your own Corkboards, you can create a Corkboard and allow others to post to it. This is particularly useful for sharing postings amongst a group of people.
Can Corkboards be private or public?
The privacy of what you post is set on a posting by posting basis. This means that you can have postings that are public and postings that are private within one same Corkboard. The public postings are shown to other Corkboard members—and anyone (even search engines) if the posting gets featured—and private postings are only shown to you.
Can I get Corkboard notifications on my phone?
On your Settings page, you can choose to have Corkboard send you text messages alerting you to various features. Remember that to receive these notifications, you need to have your mobile number confirmed.
How do I create Postings?
There are a variety of ways in which you can create Postings:
  1. Online, right from within your Corkboards.
  2. Via email to [email protected]
  3. By texting (SMS and MMS) to [email protected] from a confirmed mobile (You can confirm your mobile on your Settings page)
  4. Using the bookmarklet — Corkboard offers a bookmarklet that allows you to easily create Postings on Corkboard from any website.

Check out the Corkboard Mobile page for help on how to use Corkboard with your mobile device.

You can also grab existing postings from other Corkboard members.

Can I see what others are posting?
Yes, as long as those postings are public or are posted on a Corkboard in which you are a contributor. Simply head over to these destinations to see recently created content:
  1. Latest: Most recent featured postings
  2. Recommended: Postings matching your interests.
  3. Popular: All public Postings, sorted by popularity.
  4. Sponsored: Postings by our sponsors.
  5. Nearby: Postings and people nearby your location.
  6. Hot Corkboards: Recently updated Corkboards.
How many Corkboards can I create?
As many as you want. You can create Corkboards for yourself or to share with your friends.
I can't see my Facebook friends when I search for them on my Corkboard. Why?
You need to link your Corkboard account to your Facebook account to see your Facebook friends on Corkboard. To do this, log in to Corkboard with your Facebook account by clicking on the Login with Facebook button.
I don't have an iPhone. Can I still use Corkboard?
Yes. You can access Corkboard through your computer or the mobile website which is optimized for mobile browsers. You can also post to Corkboard via text messaging and via email.

Check out the Corkboard Mobile page for help on how to use Corkboard with any mobile device.

Can people that aren't members post to my Corkboard?
Anyone who wants to post to a Corkboard needs an account. You can invite your Facebook friends and anyone via email. Corkboard will send them an invitation to join.
How can I post documents?

For security reasons, Corkboard does not allow members to post documents in formats such as Word or PDF. You can, however, convert the documents you want to post to JPG or PNG and attach them to your postings. There are free online tools such as this one that allow you to convert documents.

As a general rule of thumb, if the document you're converting has photos, convert it to JPG. However if the document is text and line-art images, try converting to PNG, as PNGs offer higher definition at smaller file sizes.

Note that the drawback of converting documents to images is that you will not be able to highlight and copy the text contained in the converted document. If this is an important feature to you, considering copying the document text into the Description field when creating the posting on Corkboard, or using other tools such as Google Drive or Dropbox.

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