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Playing nicely

To help keep Corkboard a nice place for everyone, we've set a few ground rules. Please read the following pearls of wisdom and keep in mind that your use of Corkboard is subject to these Guidelines and our Terms of Use.

Post politely

We're not your parents — unless you're incredibly young, devastatingly attractive and have an amazing sense of humor.
In any event, by now, you know that when you're in public, you should act accordingly. The same holds true on Corkboard.

Among other things, don't post:

Post legally

Don't post anything that's illegal, ripped off or clearly stolen. Can't figure out what's what? Check out our Copyright section. Fun reading!

Post responsibly

Remember, when you set something to Public on your Corkboard, it can be viewed by everyone. So your parents, grandparents, kindergarten teacher and anyone else you know will be able to see what you've made available.

Get a room

We have no doubt that you're too sexy for your bad self. But please keep it that way. Don't post any pornography or nudity, whether it's of you or someone else. If you add images that contain anything that borders on naughty, we'll remove them, and your account may be flagged. Do it again and you'll be cork blocked.

Check the children

Corkboard is open to anyone 13 or older, which means there are impressionable minds among us. Be respectful of the young, even if they understand the service better than we do.

Spread the love, not the spam

When it comes to sharing stuff on your Corkboard, there's just one no-no: don't send anything to anyone you don't know — or anyone you're not in like with, such as ex-lovers or ex-friends. (Of course, anything defined on this page as not cool isn't, well, cool to share either.)

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