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the Butter

November 9, 2010     Views 1,042     Grabbed 1     Grab    

the Butter

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Between the morning Diet Cokes and the nightly Starburst hors d’oeuvres, you know the office vending machine a little too well.

Save those quarters for The Butter, a new virtual vending machine from the duo behind design firm HI(NY). Instead of churning out sugary snacks, their latest invention delivers affordable personalized paper goods right to your door.

Simply pick from the tantalizing array of à la carte options (reindeer-adorned holiday cards, art nouveau wedding invites, boom box motif sticky notes, etc.), customize with your own text and color combo, then keep an eye on your mailbox. Whether you’re looking for initialed stationery for mom or to kick-start your freelance writing career with library-themed business cards, the designers’ quirky-cool aesthetic appeals to every taste.

With new designs added every week, The Butter is sure to satisfy any and all communication cravings. And you won’t run the risk of getting your arm stuck in the process.

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