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Mike Leigh's Life is Sweet Sampled by Orbital

 899 views      Grab 0 likes Leigh's Life is Sweet Sampled by Orbital

Ok, so this is old news, but a big mystery solved for me. Watching Life is Sweet, written and directed by Mike Leigh, I heard a sound bite that sounded very familiar.

In the scene where Wendy (played by Alison Steadman) and Andy (played by Jim Broadbent) are laughing about an old fluffy pink cardigan, I knew I'd heard it before.

Well I finally found out where today. It's been sampled by Orbital in their Lush (euro-tunnel disaster '94) track on Diversions. Great track. What an odd thing to sample, and they totally make it work.

Great movie too.

1:53 sampled from this clip:

in this track, at 3:42 for a full example

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