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Charbay Black Walnut Liqueur (Nostalgie)

December 8, 2008     Views 2,065     Grabbed 1     Grab    

Charbay Black Walnut Liqueur (Nostalgie)

Description : Rich, intense walnut aromas & flavors seduce your senses. Long & lingering natural flavors. An unforgettable style reawakens an inner cord. We infuse local black and other walnuts for two years with our brandy, then Miles finishes the Liqueur with a secret blend of spices. Taste a liqueur with real flavors, balanced mouth feel & a finish that goes on & on. There's always a barrel in back for the next release.

Serving Ideas : Pour about 2 ounces into an elegant snifter or small stemware glass. Serve with fresh nuts, walnut or pumpkin tarts, over ice cream, as a glaze over flowerless chocolate cake.

Production Method: Black, Carpathian and English walnuts were first infused in 12 year old double-distilled Alambic Pot-Still Brandy, then extracted with pure water. Both infusions were blended and aged in oak barrels for 2.5 years.

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