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You know you want them - color me happy

February 13, 2009     Views 1,874     Grabbed 1     Grab    

You know you want them - color me happy

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No kiss on New Year’s. Ten degrees for five days straight. Your skin is so pale you look unwell.

Surpass the winter blues with flying colors in We Love Colors tights. The thick, soft legwear is constructed out of 80 denier nylon/Lycra microfiber and is totally opaque.

Most importantly, though, the tights come in 45 different colors, ranging from neon green, yellow, and pink to any hue of the rainbow you can imagine, including zingers like scarlet and rubine. Rich tints are sure to give you a spring in your step (even if it is through a foot of snow), especially since they cost just $12.50 a pair.

Which is much cheaper than a jaunt to the Caribbean.

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