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I totally need one of these.

So often we hear about hurricanes, fires or other disasters and think, "I should really put a few things together in case of an emergency," but never actually get around to doing anything about it. Give yourself peace of mind -- organize your essentials with Life.doc! This comprehensive 120-page personal organizer will guide you through the process of capturing your critical information so it's ready when you need it. Take Life.doc with you when you travel, put it in your emergency preparedness kit, or just leave it at home in your bookcase.

The Life.doc Binder features eight sections including space for:

• Medical
• Financial
• Insurance
• Legal
• Your Emergency Plan
• Family
• Household
• Caregiver Information (babysitters, elder care, house sitters)

Simply fill in the forms with personal data and document locations, and know that you are prepared for any situation that might arise. And whenever you need additional pages, just print them from the enclosed CD-ROM -- extra forms are always available in electronic PDF format which can be read by any computer.

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