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Tonda Pizza

April 3, 2009     Views 8,548     Grabbed 2     Grab    

Tonda Pizza

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In case you’ve been living in a cave (without internet access), pizza is this year’s burger. Witness the opening of Co., Morotino, South Brooklyn Pizza, and Anselmo's. Now comes Tonda, a Neapolitan “Street Food” restaurant from Bread’s Bob Giraldi, who has turned the former E.U. space into a pizza joint and equipped with a Rolls Royce-styled $30,000 slow-rotating 1,000-degree wood-burning pizza oven. The space has a cool, industrial loft vibe with wood beamed ceilings, brick walls painted white and polished black floors, and espresso-colored tables and chairs.

The menu features antipasti (fried artichokes, homemade bread sticks with prosciutto de parma and goat cheese), and other snacks like wood-fired eggplant pie, fried polenta, and panzarotti (Neapolitan potato balls), in addition to a selection of wood-fired 12-inch pies in about a dozen varities including classsic Margherita (tomato and mozzarella, $12), broccoli rape and spicy sausage ($15), pesto, potato, and string beans ($15), and fresh tomato, smelt, parsley, and roasted garlic ($15). Ice cream, gelato, cheesecake, cannoli, and tiramisu finish dinner on a traditional note.

Tonda Pizza
435 East 4th St.

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